Tim Fisher, Biarritz

Tim Fisher, Biarritz



Born in Colchester, UK I have lived and/or worked in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, USA and Sri Lanka. I’m a qualified freelance photographer now living in Belgium. I have a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Photography from the University of Hertfordshire, am an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and a member of The Photographic Society of America.

I've been lucky enough to work for some amazing architects and developers such as, Zaha Hadid Architects, London, Related Companies, New York, Samyn & Partners, Brussels on new inspirational buildings. My work also encompasses heritage projects by Origin Architecture & Engineering for renovation work in some of Belgiums finest heritage sites. 

My non architectural work has included reportages for The Antwerp World Diamond Centre, DHL, Brussels and CMA Shipping lines, Bilbao.

My kit includes a Nikon D850, D810, Cambo WRS 1250 and DJI Mavic Pro with Hasselblad 20MP along with 19,24 & 45mm Nikon tilt/shift lenses etc. 

Why Me ?

Not surprisingly, I can think of several good reasons :-)

  • Images cut and pasted from Google images are not customised to your business they look cheap and therefore reflect on your clients perception of your work, it’s far better to have images that are of your actual projects.

  • The equipment I use is of the very best quality with specialised lenses for architectural photography, many photographers simply don’t have these, especially if they do not specialise in that genre of photography.

  • My professional photography showcasing your projects can help build further trust in your organisation by presenting high quality images, whilst others use iPhones or photographers not focussed in architectural photography.

  • A good return on investment, the high quality, customised, retouched images I deliver can be used again and again. For example on social media, websites, blog posts, brochures, presentations, newsletters etc. and because they are of a high resolution, can potentially be used in bigger advertising assignments.

  • Finally, several large, well respected companies use me and continue to use me based upon the work I produce for them.

I’m always very happy to discuss projects and come up with a pricing estimate to fit your budget and time constraints.

Please click the button below as I would enjoy hearing from you.