GIF Test

I wanted to experiment with creating before and after GIFs. I think that sometimes it could be a great way to demonstrate how much work does into renovation projects.

This is my FIRST try so please be kind.

It is of the bar in the Martin’s Rentmeesterij Hotel in Alden Biesen. Now a fantastic hotel but previously a site being overseen by Origin Architecture.


Bilbao In The Rain

Was pleased to be asked by MacAndrews of London to go and photograph their operation in Bilbao last week. We put the shoot off for a couple of days hoping that the weather would get better. But, alas, this didn't happen and due to time constraints the shoot had to take place, rain or no rain...

It rained..

and it blew a gale...

But in the end the customer was very happy with the results 'awesome' was how they described the outcome ! 




Goya Approaching © Tim Fisher Photography 2018 #04.jpg
Goya Berthing © Tim Fisher Photography 2018 #18.jpg
Locomotive Block Train © Tim Fisher Photography 2018 #19.jpg
Container Stack In The Rain
Long Distance Container Stacks.jpg

Equipment Upgrade !

Its arrived my new Nikon D850 all 45MP of it some say the best camera of 2017 and I would have to agree ! It feels lighter than the D810 and a lot smoother in operation, really nice to use. It's a pity that the weather in Belgium over the last week has been completely grey with a lifeless sky, no shadows no contours nothing.

On top of this I have the new Nikon 19mm tilt/shift lens magnificent piece of equipment and finally the raved about Nikon 14 - 24mm

I just can't wait to get out there and start shooting new projects for 2018 !  Its going to be a great year !!