1978 London

When I was 16 or 17 I used to go on my own by train to London, it was a place I wanted to live and work in (and finally did) that I loved but my father hated.

In those days I had a Zenith camera, solid, Russian, the ones we had used at school so they were tough as well, finally replaced at some later date with a Nikon EM.

I photographed all day and then came home and developed the film in the bathroom under the orange light of the overhead heater, my darkroom.

This is a crop of one of my photos. I just find it interesting that even in those days I was interested in buildings and photography. But even more interesting is the lack of PCs (not invented) mobile phones (not invented) and the fact that windows are open suggesting air-conditioning was lacking (no laws then to say that offices had to be at certain temperatures) and finally those horrible fluorescent tube lights that used to hum and sometimes strobe. This was an office somewhere near London Wall that no doubt is long gone along with big ties, flares, in office smoking and droopy moustaches…thank goodness !!!

1978 london.jpg