Panorama In Ft Lauderdale from My New Lumix DC ZS220

Just back from Miami and enjoyed being away from the cold Belgium weather. I have bought a small but really fun camera a Lumix DC ZS220 its one of the few compact cameras with a 1 inch sensor and 20MP. It also zooms from 24 - 360mm very very good. Sometimes I wonder why I haul up to 15kgs of equipment with me. If only they made a shift lens for the Lumix I’d be happy ! :-)

Anyway the Lumix has A LOT of options and for the price it’s absolutely worth it against the Sonys that do the same thing only for twice as much money. I’m not sure why Panasonic keeps so quiet about this camera. It’s very very good.

Anyway, here is a panorama practice from Fort Lauderdale at the Auberge beach residence at 17:21 in the afternoon. Another thing the camera has done is change the time automatically based upon where I am, something my D850 doesn’t do as it has no GPS…

Auberge Beach Residence Ft Lauderdale Florida

Auberge Beach Residence Ft Lauderdale Florida